keeping your portable toilet rental clean

4 Steps To Keeping Your Portable Toilet Rental Clean

Do you want to rent a portable toilet for an outdoor event? That’s a great move! Temporary toilet rentals provide your guests comfortable, clean, low-cost bathroom solutions. While it is a convenient restroom solution, keeping it clean throughout the event is imperative. Regular cleaning will keep disease-causing germs at bay and your guests happy. Keeping […]
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ADA Compliance at Events

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law passed in 1990 to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in various areas of life, including employment, public accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications. The law has been instrumental in promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and applies to events. Event organizers are legally […]
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Portable Toilet Rentals for Family Reunions

Do you need portable toilet rentals for family reunions? Whether planning to use a remote location, park, or backyard, a bathroom is critical, ensuring your family members are comfortable. Portable toilet rental is an easy and cost-effective solution for get-togethers and other events. Rent A Can supplies portable toilet rentals ranging from the typical porta […]
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3 Tips to Keep Portable Toilets Clean

We Keep It Clean Are you planning to host a multi-day event? Wondering how to keep portable toilets clean? Sanitation is a priority whether a day or multi-day event. However, an event that lasts several days can be exhausting; you must keep everything in order from start to finish. You can trust Rent A Can […]
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Portable Toilet Rentals for New Years Parties

The new year is around the corner, which means there are holiday events and new year parties to host. New year parties can be fun and exciting, from bubbly champagne, sticky baked chicken wings, and barbecue to fancy chocolates and brie with nuts and honey. Whether it is a bridal shower, pool party, baby shower, […]
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