Hand Washing Station Rentals

Hand Washing Station Rentals

With the current world, hand hygiene is more important than ever! As an event organizer or a business owner, you need hand washing station rentals for your guests or employees, especially if the venue has no running water and soap. Having proper cleaning stations as one of your outdoor facilities in an event helps your guests not to worry about contracting disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

You can find affordable rentals at Rent A Can. Remember, when you rent stations for your event, you are taking sanitation a notch higher by adding a touch of luxury and complying with the local authority directives. Ensure you have enough stations to keep your event clean throughout the event period.

When do you Need Hand Washing Stations?

When planning to host a public event, you focus more on the big day, and sanitation may not occur to you until the last minute. You will need to get portable hand washing rentals if you have any outdoor event like a wedding, sporting activity, parties, and conferences where you use portable toilets or there otherwise isn’t access to sinks.

Also, you may need to rent units for job sites and business premises for your workers and customers. Hand washing units are a protective measure for a safe and clean working environment. So whether it is a construction site or an outdoor get-together, having them set up is a welcome relief that makes your guests feel safe health-wise. Let’s have a chat about your upcoming event and sanitation needs.

High Standard Hand Washing Station Rentals to Keep your Event Germ-Free

When looking for hand washing station rentals for outdoor events, the rule of thumb is to rent one station for every five portable toilets. This means the bigger your event, the more units you will need. We have high-quality stations with high-end touches to leave outstanding impressions on your event.

Choose the company that values hygiene and goes above to give you the best services. Whether you need one station or several, Rent A Can delivers clean hand washing stations. Get a quote today!

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