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3 Tips to Keep Portable Toilets Clean

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Are you planning to host a multi-day event? Wondering how to keep portable toilets clean? Sanitation is a priority whether a day or multi-day event. However, an event that lasts several days can be exhausting; you must keep everything in order from start to finish.

You can trust Rent A Can AZ for your portable toilet needs. Whether you’re hosting a wedding weekend, conference, concert, festival, or sporting event, the highest level of sanitation is critical.

Renting portable toilets is an excellent idea, and keeping them clean during the entire period is crucial. And in this article, we’ll cover ways to keep your portable toilets clean or multi-day events.

How do You Keep Portable Toilets Clean for Multi-Day Events?

Rent Enough Portable Toilets

The size of your event in terms of attendees can help determine the number of portable toilets to rent. Another thing to consider when renting mobile toilets is the demographics. Your estimated number of females and males attending can also help determine the number of facilities to order. Another thing is the foods and drinks you plan to offer; if you’re hosting an event and serving alcohol, it is wise to increase the number of porta-lets to order. The event duration is another parameter that can help you decide when renting portable toilets. 

Renting fewer porta potties can create an embarrassing sanitary disaster. People must queue, and the portable toilets can fill up quickly. Furthermore, fewer units can create a shortage of sanitary stuff like toilet paper and soap.

Before taking further steps, ensure your provider has enough units to service your multi-day event. Ideally, get at least four portable toilets for every hundred guests for an event lasting more than four hours, especially if alcohol will be served. Remember to include at least one handicapped unit and one with a baby changing station.

Install Handwashing Stations

We all agree that handwashing is imperative now more than ever. And another way to keep portable toilets clean for multi-day events is installing a handwashing station. Providing this facility makes it easier for your guests to clean up after themselves. Place the handwashing stations in strategic places. Remember to include sanitary supplies like soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, air deodorants, towels, and garbage cans. These supplies can boost cleanliness and help eliminate odor. Your guests won’t have to worry about contracting disease-causing bacteria.

Rent A Can AZ has got your event covered with enough handwashing stations. Our units come with paper towels, soap, and enough running water.

Sign up for Regular Servicing

You need your portable toilets to be clean for the following day’s use. A typical day event may not require professional servicing, but a multi-day event does. Your mobile toilets provider can provide routine servicing, emptying, and cleaning of the portable toilets. The Rent A Can AZ crew can help keep tabs on your portable toilets, ensuring thorough cleaning and disinfection job.

The maintenance schedule for portable toilets can vary depending on the event type. For instance, projects like construction mean people use the porta-potties less frequently, unlike concerts, weddings, or festivals. Consult your provider and set a schedule that fits your event’s needs. 

Keep portable toilets clean

Easier Way to Keep Portable Toilets Clean for Multi-Day Events

Maintaining clean portable toilets for multi-day events starts with hiring the right crew. Rent-A-Can provides comprehensive mobile toilet services, giving you value for money. Whether hosting a family reunion, corporate conference, camping, school sports events, or festivals, we provide enough amenities to serve your guests.

Additionally, we provide timely routine cleaning, ensuring you have the cleanest units ready for use before your guests wake up for the day. Call us for a free portable toilet rental quote. We will ensure you have the right amount for your event and that you can keep portable toilets clean for your multi-day event!

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