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Portable Toilet Rentals for New Years Parties

The new year is around the corner, which means there are holiday events and new year parties to host. New year parties can be fun and exciting, from bubbly champagne, sticky baked chicken wings, and barbecue to fancy chocolates and brie with nuts and honey. Whether it is a bridal shower, pool party, baby shower, wedding, or birthday party, you want to offer your guests an unforgettable new year event. Are you planning to get a portable toilet rental for the new year party? Providing enough clean restrooms is excellent if hosting significant events without access to enough sanitation facilities. Rent A Can AZ offers and can bring quality units to any event, big or small. Read on for our tips for portable toilet rentals for New Years parties.

Key Factors to Consider When Renting Portable Toilet Rentals for New Years Parties

Portable toilet rentals come in different types featuring various amenities. Additionally, delivering, setting up, and removing portable toilets can be a lot of work. And this means you should hire the most experienced, reliable, and affordable company. Below are key factors to consider when renting portable toilet rentals for new year’s parties.

Type of Portable Toilets

Do you need the typical portable washrooms or luxury trailers for your new year party? There are standard portable toilets and luxury trailer units. Additionally, there are deluxe flushing rooms and ADA-compliant toilet rentals. But what is the difference between these portable toilet rentals?

Luxury trailers are units with amenities like lighting, sinks, climate control, lighting mirrors, laminate flooring, and paper towels. The luxury toilet rentals are perfect for high-end parties, weddings, and corporate events. On the other hand, standard toilet units offer basic, clean washroom amenities and are ideal for construction sites, parties, and school events. 

There are also ADA-compliant units to accommodate people with special needs. They have wider doorways, ramps, space, and handrails. As experts in the portable toilet rental industry, we highly recommend getting at least one for your event. Furthermore, a deluxe flushing toilet rental offers a few amenities, like a flushing toilet and a sink. 

The toilet rental to rent depends on your event and the budget. Rent A Can is here to help you snag the biggest bang for the buck regardless of the toilet rental you need. 

portable toilet rentals for new years parties

Event Duration

Another critical consideration when getting portable toilet rentals for New Years parties is the event duration. Understanding this can help you plan for the correct number of toilet rentals. The longer the event, the more units you need to rent to avoid awkward situations. Consider at least three portable toilet rentals for every 50 guests if your event lasts more than four hours.

Additionally, the event needs to determine the number of portable restrooms to hire throughout the event. For instance, if you plan to serve drinks and food, you can expect people to frequent the bathroom—and you might need more units.


Location is another crucial factor when renting portable toilet rentals. Your event site should have a designated, easy-to-access location to place the toilet rentals. The size of this space can determine the number of units to order. Also, it is crucial to set up multiple toilet unit spaces that guests can access without walking long distances. 


The cost of portable toilets depends on the event size, location, and the number of units you need. The type of restroom rentals you need can also affect the overall cost of the toilet rentals. At Rent A Can AZ, you can find pocket-friendly porta potties, luxury toilets, and deluxe flushing washrooms. Whatever your event needs are, we provide quality, clean and affordable toilet rentals for new year parties. 

Quality and Cleanliness

One of the final considerations for portable toilet rentals for New Years parties is quality. The quality and sanitation levels are also crucial when renting portable toilets rentals. The last thing you need as a host is to get stuck with poorly maintained toilet rentals. We offer a reliable team to maintain clean restrooms on-site. Contact us today to get portable toilets for your events. 


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