Portable Toilet Rentals for Family Reunions

Do you need portable toilet rentals for family reunions? Whether planning to use a remote location, park, or backyard, a bathroom is critical, ensuring your family members are comfortable. Portable toilet rental is an easy and cost-effective solution for get-togethers and other events. Rent A Can supplies portable toilet rentals ranging from the typical porta lets to luxury and trailer units. We can deliver quality, clean and spacious mobile restrooms for big and small family events. Rent these units for as long as your family needs them and get the best offer. Contact our customer support to get portable toilet rentals for family reunions.

Reasons to Get Portable Toilet Rentals for Family Reunions

Convenient and Private

One of the best things about portable toilet rentals for family reunions is that they provide much-needed privacy when hosting outdoor family events. Your guests won’t have to hustle for public toilets and can entirely focus on the function at the venue. Additionally, these portable toilets are convenient and reliable. Whether expecting a large number of extended family members to attend or just a few close ones, you can get enough porta potties at a wallet-friendly cost. 

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Portable toilet rentals offer the highest sanitation levels for large gatherings. We maintain the highest cleanliness standards, ensuring guests enjoy the best-in-class toilet facilities. Plus, it is easy to guarantee that no one uses unsanitary areas. Importantly, portable toilet units use less water compared to your home toilets. Renting porta-lets is a wise idea when hosting dozens of people—you don’t have to worry about water waste. 

No Wait Lines

Hosting a family reunion means you’ll have more people attending than your typical restroom can handle. And the last thing you need is guests queuing to use the bathroom. Having your family wait in line to use the restroom can be frustrating. Renting portable toilets ensures you get enough units to serve your guests. 

Portable Toilet Rentals for Family Reunions are Cost-Effective

Imagine adding more bathrooms or installing a new one to accommodate your visitors. That’ll cost you a pretty penny! Renting portable toilets is the cheapest way to provide reliable, clean, and ultra-modern facilities for your event, and Casa Grande Rent-A-Can offers the best value for money. 

You Can Get ADA-Compliant Facilities

There are various portable toilet types for events, from luxury to deluxe flushing facilities to standard portajohns and ADA-compliant units. If you have a physically challenged family member, renting portable toilets with ADA-compliant units is wise. These mobile toilets have more space, wider doors, ramps, rails, etc., to accommodate a special needs person. 

portable toilet rentals for family reunions

What Do I Need to Know Before Renting Portable Toilets?

The Number of Guests

Your first step is knowing the number of portable toilets you’ll need for the function. Family reunion attendees can range from a dozen to even more than a hundred, and the number of confirmed guests can help you budget and rent suitable units. 

Toilet Types You Need

We offer many options, so you can choose the types that suit your event. Typically, you can rent a deluxe flushing restroom, luxury, or old-school porta-lets. Furthermore, you can consider additional facilities like handwashing stations, ADA-compliant units, and trailers with showers.

Cost of Portable Toilets for Family Reunions

The portable toilet rental costs vary, depending on the event size, venue, and the toilet types you need. Nonetheless, it is crucial to get an estimate before committing yourself. Thankfully, Rent-A-Can has got you sorted with free rental estimates. Contact us for expert advice and a no-obligation rental quote for your event. 

Know the Rental Period and Schedule the Delivery Date.

Family reunions can last between a day and several days. Set your rental timeframe to accommodate your family reunion’s durations and schedule a drop-off date. 

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