4 Steps To Keeping Your Portable Toilet Rental Clean

keeping your portable toilet rental clean

Do you want to rent a portable toilet for an outdoor event? That’s a great move! Temporary toilet rentals provide your guests comfortable, clean, low-cost bathroom solutions. While it is a convenient restroom solution, keeping it clean throughout the event is imperative. Regular cleaning will keep disease-causing germs at bay and your guests happy.

Keeping your portable toilet rental clean is a huge concern for our customers. So, we’ve put together proven steps to help maintain a clean toilet rental. 

What Is A Portable Toilet Rental

A portable toilet is an alternative temporary solution convenient for those without access to traditional toilets. Portable restrooms can be moved manually or using specialized equipment like a hand cart. 

keeping your portable toilet rental clean

These units are affordable solutions because you don’t need to budget for new toilet construction. So how do they work? A portable toilet has a holding tank with chemicals to eliminate odor, break down waste, and kill germs. 

A portable toilet rental is handy on construction sites, campgrounds, public parks, outdoor weddings, parties, festivals, concerts, etc. 

Are Portable Toilet Rentals Sanitary?

Portable toilet rentals are the most sanitary and convenient bathroom solutions for sites with no accessible traditional bathrooms. Here is the thing: any toilet facility can be nasty if no cleaning and maintenance occur.

At Rent A Can AZ, we provide the cleanest mobile restrooms in the industry. We thoroughly clean the interiors and exteriors before bringing them to your venue. Importantly, we provide on-site maintenance services, ensuring clean spaces for your guests. 

Four Steps to Keeping Your Mobile Restrooms Clean

Keeping your porta-lets clean can leave a good impression about your event. Neglected and unsanitary bathrooms can leave a sour impression on your guests. Here are excellent tips on how to keep them clean throughout your event.

Rent Enough Units and Additional Amenities

Have you ever been to an event where the temporary restrooms are less, and they’ve been overused? Fewer units mean they can get dirty quickly, making your guests uncomfortable. Ensuring clean portable toilet rentals, whether for a day event or several weeks’ project, starts with renting enough units. 

Go a step further and consider the kinds of drinks served during the event. For instance, if serving alcohol, we recommend adding at least 15-25% more of the needed restrooms. 


keeping your portable toilet rental clean

More women than men attending the event can also influence the number of temporary bathrooms needed for your event. 

Additionally, consider renting temporary toilets with additional amenities. Handwashing is the first line of defense against bacteria and other germs. These add-on facilities provide water and soap for guests after their bathroom visit. Get handwashing stations so your guests can clean their hands whenever needed. 

Furthermore, a baby changing station may be necessary if some of your attendees include parents with toddlers. 

Importantly, catering to people with disabilities is crucial when planning to rent portable toilets. We highly recommend at least one ADA-compliant unit for every four portable toilets needed. We equip our ADA restrooms with unique features like ramps, bigger and hinged doors, grab bars, and enough room for a 360-degree turn. 

Talk to us for personalized recommendations that meet your event needs.

Have A Restroom Attendant

Checking the conditions of the restrooms once in a while can help you identify and fix any potential sanitation problems. Having someone on stand-by to check out the stalls periodically can help keep the rentals clean. Understandably, this can be challenging, especially because you have to focus on your event. 

You can appoint someone to help you or request an on-site maintenance crew. This team will monitor the units, ensuring enough amenities, water, soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and other necessities. Furthermore, an attendant can quickly help your guest find essentials like water and soap. A restroom attendant is essential when hosting an event that spans days like festivals, fairs, and camping. 

At Rent A Can AZ, we’re committed to helping you every step of the way. We are available when you need on-site restroom maintenance. Our job is to ensure clean and quality products and provide exceptional experience for your guests.

keeping your portable toilet rental clean

Stock Enough Sanitation Products

Another step to keep your portable restrooms clean is stocking enough hygiene supplies. Odor, germs, and unsightly bathrooms can be an event’s nightmare. Cleaning supplies like handwashing soap, water, sanitizers, toilet paper, and wet wipes can help keep the bathroom spaces clean.

Check if your toilet rental provides these necessary supplies, or you’ll have to get them yourself. More often than not, forgetting bathroom essentials is easy for many event planners. Without these, your mobile restrooms can deteriorate quickly.

Forget the hustle; our comprehensive toilet rental services ensure enough products to keep your bathrooms clean and guests happy. We’ll replenish toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and soap and ensure enough running tap water. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular bathroom maintenance is another crucial step to keep them clean. This service is essential to ensure that the stalls are odorless, function well, and overall are clean. Routine maintenance includes emptying the holding tanks and adding odor-control chemicals. 

Additionally, it involves deep cleaning and airing, ensuring the units are usable and highly sanitized; the cleaning team can ensure that the interiors and exteriors are squeaky clean. It can also help determine if you need more porta-lets and sanitary supplies. Regular maintenance is essential if you need the toilets for multiple days. 

Notably, regular cleaning can take care of the touch points. Door handles, toilet seats, tissue paper holders, and sanitizer dispensers are the most gross places in a bathroom. Scheduling a routine cleaning ensures that these touchpoints get cleaned and sanitized.

Consider a Strategic Placement 

How and where you place your portable toilet rentals can also determine its cleanliness. Pick a dry, flat surface for stability and keep it away from sun exposure. Placing your portable restrooms under the sun can make them smell awful.

Furthermore, consider accessibility and pick placement areas within reach; we highly recommend placing them in high-traffic areas. 

Enjoy Top Tier Portable Toilet Services

A portable toilet rental is a reliable facility for outdoor events. Regular inspections, maintenance, and supply refills ensure they remain clean. At Rent-A-Can, we guarantee best-in-class mobile restrooms for festivals, family gatherings, job sites, school events, camping, and more.  

We provide more than the typical mobile toilet stalls; pick the right temporary bathroom solution that fits your event. Request luxury restroom trailers, deluxe flushing restrooms, construction portable toilets, and event or ADA restrooms.

Additionally, we provide amenities like a handwashing station and water tanks. Whether running a mega event or a family gathering, you can trust us to give the correct units for the job.

What Makes Rent A AZ Can the Best Portable Toilet Rental?

The first thing that sets us apart is world-class customer service. Our highly-trained and friendly customer reps have years of experience serving event planners and individuals in Arizona. 

We’re the leading portable toilet rental, so you know you’ll get the cleanest stalls or inviting luxury trailers. 

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