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Preparing Your Portable Toilet Rental for Bad Weather

Do you have an outdoor event and are worried about preparing your portable toilet rental for bad weather? Your guests’ comfort is a constant concern when hosting an outdoor event. What will you do if there is too much heat from the sun, unforgiving rains, winds, or snow? While you may have a plan b to provide comfortable shelter, there is one more thing to worry about—the portable toilet rental! Can you use portable toilet rentals during a sunny, rainy, windy, or monsoon season? The short answer is yes! Preparing your portable toilet rental for bad weather is key. Extra care is handy, ensuring that your guests and staff enjoy the highest sanitation levels. 

Keys to Preparing Your Portable Toilet Rental for Bad Weather

Preparing your portable toilet rental for bad weather gives you peace of mind if dreadful stormy weather or snow sets in. First, it is essential to understand the weather and take the necessary precautions. For instance, stormy weather can knock down your portable toilet rentals. Below are the best strategies to prepare your portable toilet rental for bad weather.

Stage Portable Toilet Rentals at a Strategic Location

Accessibility and event aesthetics can determine the location to place portable toilet rentals. However, it can also play a role in protecting the porta-potties from bad weather. Designate a placement location and strike a balance between aesthetics, accessibility, and safety from bad weather. Consider a sturdy surface, especially in the rainy season, to ensure the units don’t topple.

Creating a shelter for a portable toilet rental is an excellent idea if your venue doesn’t offer such facilities. The cover protects the units from strong winds or sweltering temperatures. Furthermore, it can protect your event attendees from the scorching sun as they wait in line to use the bathroom. The shade is also helpful if you need portable toilet rentals for an extended period—typical for construction jobs and other multi-day events. 

Additionally, flooding can create a hot mess; consider placing the portable toilet rents on an elevated ground. Protect the units from extreme weather; The last thing you need is a frozen or displaced porta-potty. 

preparing your portable toilet rental for bad weather

Consider Heat and Ventilation

Nothing irks people more than dealing with scorching temperatures during an event. Consider renting portable toilet rentals that can accommodate all weather conditions. Our luxury event trailers are equipped with heat and air conditioning, offering an excellent experience to your guests during extreme weather. 

Hiring heated portable toilets is excellent if you are anticipating icy weather conditions. Heated porta-lets are comfortable to use during cold seasons. 

Take Anti-slip and Anti-freeze Measures

Making it easier to access bathrooms is a priority. However, slips and frozen portable toilets can make it hard to access and use them. Consider accessories like drainage mats to ensure no water and mud gets into the units, which helps prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. 

Icy weather conditions can freeze the contents in the holding tank, making it unsafe for use. Get thermal covers to ensure that the portable toilet rental works as it should and prevent them from bursting during the cold weather.

Schedule Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Do you need long-term portable toilet rentals? Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential, especially during stormy weather. Routine cleaning ensures that the portable toilets are clean and dry, guaranteeing the highest sanitation levels during dump weather. Maintenance can also include pumping, which helps prevent overflows and freezing. 

When renting with Rent-A-Can AZ, you don’t have to worry about routine cleaning and maintenance. That’s our job, and we go the extra step to offer the best portable toilet rentals, even during bad weather. Whether you have a family get-together party, a luxury event, or a construction project, we strive to accommodate all your needs, ensuring a successful event. Don’t worry about preparing your portable toilet rental for bad weather when you work with Rent A Can. We will help take care of everything you need.

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