Luxury Restroom Rentals

Elevate Your Wedding, Corporate or Special Event with Luxury Restroom Rentals

You spend a lot of time and money planning the perfect event. Don’t forget about luxury restroom rentals. Keep the high-end atmosphere throughout your entire event by including high-quality toilet rentals.

Our luxury portable restrooms come fully equipped with a sink and high end finishes so that no detail is out of place during your event. Don’t skimp on an aspect of your event that can leave a stink on an otherwise perfect day.

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Luxury Event Trailer

Luxury portable restroom trailers fully equipped with sinks, running water, soap, heat and air conditioning and high-end finishes so that no detail is out of place during your event.

2 Unit Basic Trailer

Restroom trailer with sink, running water, soap, heat and air conditioning and flush toilets behind separate doors.

2 or 4 Unit Delux Trailer

Restroom trailer upgraded with modern features including sinks, running water, soap, heat and air conditioning and flush toilets behind separate doors.

3 Unit with Shower

Restroom trailer with sink, running water, soap, heat and air conditioning and flush toilets with private showers behind separate doors.
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Luxury Portable Restrooms for Large and Small Events

Whether you are having a small garden party, a large wedding, a conference, or a sporting event, we can handle your crowd with our luxury restroom rentals. Take your event to the next level with our high-end, climate-controlled portable toilets. These units are roomier with higher-end finishes.

With multiple size and capacity options, we can accommodate commercial projects or black-tie weddings. When outdoor restrooms are your only choice, Rent a Can is your best choice. Our customers have enjoyed the benefit of a reliable, honest company for over 60 years, and you can, too.

Luxury Event Trailers

Luxury event trailers have become the crown jewel of upscale gatherings. These meticulously designed and thoughtfully equipped mobile restrooms offer unparalleled sophistication and comfort.

Our luxury event trailers blend functionality with opulence thanks to their stylish interiors, ambient lighting, and premium fixtures. Whether it’s a glamorous wedding, a high-end corporate gala, or a lavish outdoor party, these trailers provide an oasis of luxury amidst the event’s surroundings.

2-Unit Basic Trailer

The 2-unit basic trailer offers a compact yet elegant solution for more intimate affairs. Ideal for smaller gatherings, these trailers maintain a high standard of cleanliness and design while accommodating the needs of a limited guest list.

Guests will appreciate the attention to detail, ensuring a pleasant and dignified restroom experience.

2 or 4-Unit Deluxe Trailers

The 2 or 4-unit deluxe trailers are perfect for events that demand a touch of grandeur. These trailers boast spacious interiors, air conditioning, and premium amenities.

With multiple units, these trailers ensure that guests spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the festivities. The deluxe trailers are perfect for upscale parties, outdoor festivals, and corporate functions.

3-Unit Trailers

But what about events that stretch over multiple days? The 3-unit trailer with a shower takes luxury restroom rentals to the next level. Ideal for events such as music festivals, camping retreats, wedding parties, or sporting events, these trailers offer the convenience of a shower alongside pristine restroom facilities. Guests can freshen up and rejuvenate, ensuring they feel their best throughout the event.

Number 1 Luxury Restroom Rental

Luxury porta-potty rentals have emerged as an essential component of event planning, transforming a basic necessity into a lavish experience. Get a custom quote for any unit size with no strings attached.

See What Our Clients Say
Dale/Linda WagnerDale/Linda Wagner
22:03 21 Feb 22
Stephanie is an EXCELLENT Customer Service representative! Our request for rental was handled smoothly and efficiently. We are grateful for the weekly service and will definitely use them again when needed.future.
Tara GTara G
02:08 06 Dec 21
They are amazing!!! We found out we had a septic issue 3 days before our daughters wedding and needed to rent some porta potties. Well, we originally ended up calling a different company to begin with and they canceled on us! As you can imagine, that caused a lot of panic, but Stephanie at Rent A Can was amazing and made sure we got 2 cans delivered right away!! I am super impressed with their customer service and how they made sure to alleviate a huge stressor the day before the big day! Thank you so, so much!
Danny NolandDanny Noland
19:28 25 Jan 18
Best in the State ! Everyone at Rent A Can are Rock stars in our book we have hired Rent A Can for commercial projects, scouting projects, church projects and for our septic pumping needs in Arizona. Rick, Ricky and their staff work the extra mile to maintain there equipment and units. Very impressive other companies should take notes!
I referred Rent A Can to very good friend of mine who more than please with the outstanding service he received when he had ordered a portable toilet for his small music/party. The drivers delivered the portable toilet and placed it in the exact place Jason directed. Jason also mention that the unit was like brand new and very clean!Thumbs up Rent A Can!