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comfortable construction site restrooms

Comfortable Construction Site Restrooms

Are you looking for comfortable construction site restrooms? If you didn’t know, having restrooms on a construction site isn’t just necessary to improve work productivity; it is mandatory by the law. Under the local codes and regulations, you should install one restroom for every 20 people working on your construction site. The restrooms should either […]
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Handwashing Stations for COVID-19 Safety

Handwashing is a crucial factor in promoting hand hygiene. And handwashing is imperative now more than ever to eliminate respiratory disease-causing germs. And in case you didn’t know, handwashing is one of the best, most straightforward, and reliable Covid-19 safety precautions. If you plan for a public event, an outdoor party, a school event, or […]
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environmentally friendly portable toilet rentals

Environmentally Friendly Portable Toilets

Do you have an outdoor event and wondering if a portable toilet makes sense for the environment? You care for the planet if you are anything like us here at Casa Grande Rent A Can. And that means each product you purchase, including portable toilets, should be environmentally friendly. Luckily environmental protection is our priority, and […]
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5 Tips for the Perfect Labor Day Backyard Party

If you are an outdoorsy person, chances are you love backyard parties. Hosting the Labor Day backyard party is an excellent way to bring your family and friends together to enjoy a BBQ as you welcome the fall season. Unlike the previous years, hosting parties in current times has many changes. People need to maintain […]
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chandler summer party planning tips

Chandler Summer Party Planning Tips

Are you organizing a summer party? From weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, national holidays, and camping events, there are many activities to do during the summer. And chances are, you have a summer party coming up. Summer party planning in Chandler can bring a whirlwind of stress. There are endless things to care for, and […]
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5 Portable Toilet Rental Tips

Are you set to host an outdoor event or perhaps to plan a construction job? Do you have a camping event or an outdoor birthday party? In an event where food, drinks, and dance meet, you have to think about sanitation. And that is why having Johnny-on-the-spot is crucial. Getting a portable toilet rental is an […]
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planning a backyard wedding

Planning a Backyard Wedding

3 Tips for a Backyard Wedding Are you planning to modify your backyard into a wedding venue? A backyard wedding is an effective way to say your vows in the most intimate places like your home environment. You are probably anticipating your big wedding event in the backyard because of its sentimental value, affordability, and […]
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5 best portable toilet questions to ask before renting

5 Best Portable Toilet Questions to Ask

Do you need to rent a portable toilet and are unsure where to start? Regardless of the scope of your outdoor event, renting a portable toilet is the best way to ensure your guests enjoy it. While renting a portable toilet for events or job sites may not be on your top list, it is […]
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calculating portable toilet needs

Calculating Portable Toilet Needs

When hosting an outdoor wedding or festival or having people working at the works site, ask yourself, “How many portable toilet rentals do I need?” You must calculate properly portable toilet needs. If you are planning an outdoor event, the bathroom situation and sanitation should be on the list.  The general thumb rule is that […]
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sports and recreation portable toilet rentals

Sports and Recreation Portable Toilet Rentals

Planning sports or recreational events can be stressful. And you want to have excellent service providers on board as you coordinate all the activities. One of the essential services you don’t want to miss on the list is the portable toilet rentals. Whether you are conducting high school athletics, soccer, golf, or overseeing recreational activities […]
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