Handwashing Stations for COVID-19 Safety

Handwashing is a crucial factor in promoting hand hygiene. And handwashing is imperative now more than ever to eliminate respiratory disease-causing germs.

And in case you didn’t know, handwashing is one of the best, most straightforward, and reliable Covid-19 safety precautions.

If you plan for a public event, an outdoor party, a school event, or any function that brings people together, you need to consider hand sanitation.

According to CDC, people should wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds in one wash to minimize the transmission of germs from one person or surface to another. 

The ideal way to promote hand hygiene during your event is to rent enough handwashing stations. 

Luckily, portable handwashing stations are designed to meet your guests’ needs and promote the highest-standard hygiene.

Benefits of renting handwashing stations

Handwashing sinks boost public sanitation

One of the benefits of renting a portable handwashing station is that it ensures a high standard of hand sanitization, hence mitigating germs.

Whether your event offers food for the guests or not, they must wash their hands frequently for Covid-19 safety.

Additionally, handwashing stations ensure consistent, clean running water and soap supply, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

Also, you can rent many handwashing stations to support social distancing, and hence your guest will not have to congest themselves in one station.

Handwashing stations also ensure that your guests are comfortable and don’t have to worry about contracting diseases during the event.

Remember, frequent handwashing practice ensures that your event is germ-free and leaves a good impression about your event.

Handwashing stations are fit for any event.

Are you hosting a yard sale event and wondering if you need handwashing stations? Perhaps, you have a birthday party, an outdoor wedding, or a construction site and wondering if you can rent portable handwashing stations?

Well, you can rent handwashing stations for any public event you can think of because these units are versatile. Whether it is a sporting event, business event, or camping event, you can rely on portable handwashing stations to meet all your needs.

Also, you can customize your portable handwashing sinks to fit your event’s theme.

Handwashing stations save time and money.

The Covid-19 pandemic heightened the need for frequent hand washing and sanitization. This means that handwashing stations are essential in any event that involves public gatherings or any outdoor event with no access to running water.

Instead of installing new outdoor handwashing sinks, you can rent portable sinks at a fraction of the cost. Also, renting these stations is easy and fast, so you don’t have to take an intensive plumbing job.

Handwashing stations for Covid-19 safety

During this Covid-19 pandemic, the safety of your friends and family is indispensable. And a simple act of renting portable handwashing stations can help protect your loved ones from diseases.

The last thing you need in an event is to have your guests worry about getting sick because there is no water and soap to wash their hands.

Our portable handwashing sinks offer germ-free hand cleaning stations with enough supply of water and soap.

Handwashing stations are eco-friendly.

Another benefit of renting handwashing stations is that they are eco-friendly. Here at Rent A Can, we provide self-sufficient handwashing stations that maximize water usage and have tanks to hold the wastewater.

And this means that you don’t need to connect your handwashing rentals to sewage pipes to dispose of the wastewater. 

Our reliable technicians will be sure to empty the handwashing wastewater and transport it to the treatment plant for disposal. 

Where can you rent handwashing stations for Covid-19 safety?

Ready to rent a handwashing station for Covid-19 safety? We guarantee the best rental services here at Rent A Can. Whether you need handwashing sinks for your employees or guests, we provide reliable units regardless of your event. 

Contact Rent A Can today!

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