Environmentally Friendly Portable Toilets

environmentally friendly portable toilet rentals

Do you have an outdoor event and wondering if a portable toilet makes sense for the environment? You care for the planet if you are anything like us here at Casa Grande Rent A Can. And that means each product you purchase, including portable toilets, should be environmentally friendly. Luckily environmental protection is our priority, and we ensure that any product and material we use and offer are eco-friendly. Below is information on environmentally friendly portable toilets.

Greener disposal of waste

Poor management of human waste can be a health disaster. And it is more hazardous when you are dealing with massive crowds of people. Ideally, the regular washrooms ensure that the waste ends up in the city sewer system where it is appropriately treated. However, when these washrooms are unavailable or not enough for your guests, you need to consider porta potties for greener waste disposal. 

Portable toilets help contain the waste in a spacious container during the event. Our service technicians will empty the mobile toilet units, transfer the waste into a designated tank, and finally move the waste to a treatment plant.

That is a guarantee that portable toilets provide an eco-friendly way of disposing of waste and thus protecting the vegetation and the wildlife.

Portable toilets conserve water.

Did you know that residential toilets alone can consume up to 30% of the household’s water? Now imagine the amounts of freshwater you may need to flush toilets for a large crowd of people.

Portable toilets can be environmental in a way that it conserves fresh water. Our porta potties use unique technology to ensure that it takes care of the waste without using water to flush. And this means you will save water for other purposes and cut costs on the water bills.

So if you need a sanitation solution for an outdoor event that conserves water, then portable toilets are the way to go. They provide just as much sanitation as flushable toilets. 

Portable toilets control odors.

Trust us, the last thing you need in your event is people holding up their noses because of toilet odors. What’s worse? Foul odors attract disease-carrying insects, which can be a disaster to public health. Luckily, portable toilets employ unique technology and eco-friendly products to ensure odor-less restrooms.

Our portable toilets utilize unique and highly-researched and developed inhibitors to control bacteria. Also, we use eco-friendly deodorizers to neutralize toilet odors and ensure safe, odorless, and clean restrooms for your guests. 

Portable restrooms conserve natural resources.

One thing that is creating more harm to the environment is the continuous exploitation of natural resources. Building permanent toilets for a temporary event will obstruct land and need a ton of material for construction and plumbing.

Portable restrooms, on the other hand, are temporary and mobile. And that means portable toilets eliminate the exploitation of natural resources. You can have a whole functional restroom for your outdoor event without building one.

Portable toilets protect animals and the environment

Waste deposited on the ground is harmful to animals and the environment. And what is worse is that the waste can move quickly through insects, feet, and hooves, thus spreading diseases to our wild animals.

Also, the waste can contaminate the rivers, streams, and groundwater, putting public health at grave risk. Portable toilets can help eliminate all these problems by containing the excreta in a safe disposal container for treatment and disposal.

If you have a camping event, it is vital to hire your local portable toilet rental and rest easy, knowing that the environment is safe.

Environmentally friendly portable toilets for rent.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly portable toilets, then you are in the right place. Contact Casa Grande Rent A Can today.

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