Calculating Portable Toilet Needs

calculating portable toilet needs

When hosting an outdoor wedding or festival or having people working at the works site, ask yourself, “How many portable toilet rentals do I need?” You must calculate properly portable toilet needs.

If you are planning an outdoor event, the bathroom situation and sanitation should be on the list. 

The general thumb rule is that you will need portable toilet rentals for any temporary outdoor event and even house parties where the indoor facilities may not be enough.

Renting portable toilets will make a difference in how long people stay and focus on your event. If you are renting for a work site like a construction site, it will help your employees focus more on the project at hand. But how do you calculate portable toilet needs?

Rent A Can AZ is here to guide you on planning for your portable toilet needs that will make for your event.

How many guests do you anticipate? 

When estimating the number of portable toilets you need, knowing the number of attendees to your event is crucial. You must consider renting enough mobile toilet units to avoid people making long queues to use the bathroom. The rental company will recommend the right package and quote, depending on the size of your occasion. According to industry standards, you should rent one portable restroom for every 30 attendees. However, that can change depending on other factors, like the day’s weather conditions. 

Additionally, knowing the number of females attending the event can help. The number of porta potties will significantly increase if you have more females than males attending the event. We can help you come up with a portable toilet rental estimate. 

Are you serving food and drinks during the event?

Another crucial factor when calculating portable toilet needs is whether you will serve food and drinks. On average, a person will visit the bathroom every four hours. If you offer food and beverages, you should expect people to use the bathroom more frequently. You may even need to consider handwashing stations to make visitors more comfortable. Order more portable restrooms so your guests can enjoy the food and refreshments without worrying about using the bathroom.

Consider the duration of your event.

The duration of outdoor activities varies. Some may last a few hours, a day, a week, or even a month. Camping events, for example, will last several days and may need proper sanitation services. Know the period of your event, and you will know how to budget for and get the right number of portable toilet units. Remember, the event duration and the number of attendees go hand in hand. With our mobile toilet rental experience here at Casa Grande, we can help you customize toilet rentals to match your needs.

Do you need ADA-compliant toilet rentals?

ADA-compliant portable restrooms are unique temporary toilet rentals that offer more room and comfort for disabled persons. These mobile toilet units are a plus to your event and show that you care for everyone. Consider ordering one ADA-compliant porta-potty unit for every twenty restrooms when budgeting to rent a porta-potty.

No matter your occasion’s size, it is courteous to consider persons with disabilities and get them a service that accommodates their needs. The cost of renting ADA-compliant portable toilets may differ due to the unique features. You can also consider restrooms with changing stations if you anticipate having mothers with toddlers attend the event. Also, you can add children’s portable toilets to your list of sanitation needs.

Once you are done calculating portable toilet needs for your event, you have a plan for your project, and you can talk to Casa Grande Rent-A-Can to handle the rest. Contact us today to schedule your rentals.

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