5 Best Portable Toilet Questions to Ask

5 best portable toilet questions to ask before renting

Do you need to rent a portable toilet and are unsure where to start? Regardless of the scope of your outdoor event, renting a portable toilet is the best way to ensure your guests enjoy it. While renting a portable toilet for events or job sites may not be on your top list, it is crucial to consider it for convenience and avoid a chaotic event. The last thing you need is to have your guests restless because you lack or didn’t install enough portable toilets for your function. As you plan to book your portable toilet units, you need to ask questions and get the correct answers. Getting on a discovery call and asking questions about portable toilet rentals is crucial in making informed decisions. Rent A Can AZ is your local porta potty rental that answers all your questions to help you get a solution that meets your sanitation needs. Here are the 5 best portable toilet questions to ask your provider:

1. What type of portable toilet units do you have?

Knowing the types of portable toilet units available is vital. Depending on your event, various portable potties meet your needs. Most toilet rentals rent stand-alone portable toilets, luxury trailers, handicap units, and handwashing stations. There are also porta-potties for children.

Knowing the essential add-on amenities that come with your toilet rental is vital. At Rent A Can AZ, we provide must-have sanitation items like sanitizers, toilet paper, and handwashing units. Once you know the type of mobile toilets available, ask if you will get enough units for your project.

2. How much does it cost to rent your portable toilet?

A quick online search for the cost of renting a portable toilet can give you a rough average estimate. But since there are no one-size-fits-all rental costs, speaking with your local rental and asking about the fees will help you get honest and accurate rental prices. The cost of portable restrooms will often depend on the number of units, rental period, event location, and the type of units you need. To get your project quote, calculate your portable toilet needs and talk to us here at  Rent A Can, AZ.

3. Is your portable toilet rental local?

Before you book your toilet rentals, knowing if your sanitation provider is local is crucial. A local porta potty rental is efficient, affordable, and dependable when renting portable toilets. Also, a local toilet rental understands your geographical area, municipality requirements, and how to serve your event better. And since the rental is near you, hiring the sanitation service will be lower. 

4. How often do you empty the porta-potty?

Another great question you should not forget is how your service provider plans to clean the portable toilets. Proper restroom maintenance and cleaning are crucial, especially if you hold events that last for several days. One-day events like weddings, outdoor birthday parties, sporting events, etc., may not need significant maintenance like emptying the units.

Ask your rental if you need to buy some cleaning supplies or if they will handle everything. Choose a done-for-you toilet rental and make your experience a breeze.

5. What type of events do you serve?

Different types of services suit a specific event, project, or function regarding portable toilets. Get to know the types of events your rental serves before booking to ensure you get the right solution. Some portable toilet projects include weddings, sporting events, camping, construction, and birthday parties.

Get answers to your portable toilet rental questions.

Whether you need standard porta-johns, deluxe units, or ADA-compliant portable toilets, you must interview your service provider to get the right deal and ask the best portable toilet rental questions. Rent a portable toilet from us and make your guests feel comfortable during your function.

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