The difference is cosmetic; technically, it is the same piece of equipment. The Rent-A-Can difference is the event restrooms are newer and have been reserved for special event use only to ensure the cosmetic appearance is tiptop at your event.

Construction site units may be scuffed and the exterior color faded from sun exposure. Both units are maintained the same for function and cleanliness.

The answer is - it depends on a few questions.

- How many people do you expect?
- How long is the event?
- What is the ratio of male to female?
- Will you be serving food and alcohol?

A general rule of thumb is a minimum of one portable toilet per 100 guests for a short event without food and beverage. For a longer reception or party, we recommend one portable toilet per 50 guests.

HELPFUL HINT: ADA restrooms are roomier inside and women appreciate the extra maneuverability room when wearing formal attire!

For workplace use, OSHA has minimum jobsite requirements based on man hours per shift and the number of shifts.

The service schedule depends on the number of people using the equipment. Our suggested minimum service is once per week.

Some customers elect to schedule every other week due to minimal use. We do not recommend any less as the water and chemicals evaporate in the Arizona heat. If you have more people on site, you may need two or three times per week service. Large special events such as carnivals, rodeos and such may require daily service during the event.

Yes, we occasionally sell used equipment.

Yes, we service RV's and holding tanks. RV owners should have the required connection fitting. Rent-A-Can services consumer-owned holding tanks (up to 300 gallon capacity) as well as rents holding tanks.

We do not provide septic tank service.
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