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3 Tips for Summer Event Planning

3 Tips for Making Your Summer Event Planning Go More Smoothly

Are you working on your summer event planning and want it to go more smoothly? Summertime means that it is time to throw your much-awaited party, weddings, sporting events, pool parties, and any other outdoor event. It is that time of the year to relax and unwind in the perfect weather while sipping some cold tropical juice or any of your favorite warm-weather drinks. Others will be indulging in mouth-watering summer barbecues and cocktails. It is that moment when you want everything to go as planned and create beautiful memories.

To achieve your summer event planning goals, you need the right strategies and event team to help you throughout the planning process and on the actual day of the event. A major event like your wedding is important; you don’t want to miss even the tiniest details. We have three tips to make your upcoming summer event go more smoothly. 

Plan and Budget Ahead of Time

3 tips for summer event planning

Planning and budgeting well ahead of time is one of the first things to ensure a successful summer event. You already know what type of event you want to host during the summer, so preparing months before your event is crucial. Create a to-do list and ensure you cover everything you need for your visitors during the event. Involve your team if you are working with the event planning team, and ensure that you do everything according to plan and budget.

If you need to hire caterers, event locations, chairs, tents, portable rentals, etc., do so ahead of time to avoid last-minute rushes. The off-season is also the perfect time to promote your event to attract more visitors. Coordinate with your team and review things you need during the event to stay on budget. It is crucial to understand the number of people who will attend your event so that you can cater to their needs and exceed their expectations.

Pick the Right Location

The location of your event is a crucial detail you don’t want to overlook. Booking your venue ahead of time is vital, as summertime tends to have more events than any other time of the year. Find a perfect location for your outdoor summer event with stellar views and enough space, and plan for an alternative if there is a change in weather conditions. 

Also, your event location should be easily accessible and offer ample space for coordination. Visit your site before the event to map out the available space and how you will organize it. Identify perfect spots to place your amenities, like the portable toilet rentals, ensuring they are accessible by the delivery drivers and your guests. When you map out the event space, it will make it easier to direct your guests. 

Rent Portable Toilets

If you want your guests to be present throughout your event, you’d better plan for portable rental toilets. Find a premier portable restroom rental company to supply enough portable toilets for your event. At Casa Grande Rent A Can, we help you make your event run without a hassle by ensuring you have enough high-quality and clean portable rentals. Choose our luxury restroom rentals for your high-end events.

When renting portable restrooms, focus on the following six key areas: the number of guests you expect, the type of event, weather and temperatures, special needs, duration of the event, and whether there will be foods and beverages served. 

Also, ask your service provider about stocking toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Ensure your restrooms are clean throughout the event and that there are enough units for your guests. 

Do you need a portable restroom for your summer event? Let us take care of all your sanitization needs so that you can focus more on your activity. Contact us today.

Going through these three items will ensure your summer event planning goes off without a hitch.

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